At C.I.H. Breda, quality isn't an afterthought. Instead, it's a philosophy that directs everything we do. We engineer quality into our equipment from the very first drawings. Our philosophy is to avoid unnecessary complexity and build efficient, robust machines that last and are easy to service and maintain. Not only does this save our customers money up front, it saves them even more in the

long run. All C.I.H. Breda machines are proudly built by skilled fabricators in the Netherlands.


C.I.H. Breda has served the food processing industry for more than 30 years with quality design, engineering and manufacturing of food processing equipment. Since our founding in 1975, C.I.H. Breda has consistently provided innovative solutions for processors – helping our customers improve productivity, handle larger and larger volumes and meet ever-tightening accountability and regulatory requirements.

In the decades to come, we will continue providing our customers the same innovative thinking, efficient solutions and quality products C.I.H. Breda is known for around the world.


With more than 30 years of experience serving the food processing industry, C.I.H. Breda has advanced the industry and remains committed to continuing a leadership role.

That's why we design and build some of the most cutting-edge equipment available – enclosed receiving bins that provide greater dust control and need less air, sizing shakers with quick-release screens and ball trays for easy cleaning, and numerous machines with access panels and doors for easier user-servicing and sanitation.

As the industry continues to evolve, C.I.H. Breda will continue to lead the way with new designs and solutions to keep our customers ahead of the curve– and the competition.



  1. Our company has its own manufacturing plant. The most of our production is our standard machines according our drawings and documentation.

  2. We are able to make a technical design, testing and manufacturing of machinery according to special customers´ requirements.

  3. Thanks to our design team, we can still innovate the solutions and ensure the highest possible technology level for our customers.



We provide design at all stages, both for own projects and for our customers

(Feasibility and project study, First step design, Implementation design, As built documentation).

    We provide:

  1. Drafts and technology diagrams.

  2. Civil works and technology design.

  3. Steel structures including static calculations.

  4. Design of electric part without voltage limit.

  5. Automatic control.

Consulting and Engineering

We offer clients (investors and key suppliers) technical support and coordination of the projects realization. We can representate investor in project preparation, documentation process, production control, building realization and assessment of the testing operation.

After Sales Service

We offer site support and after sales service for our machines and complete lines. We also offer long-term contracts for maintenance with periodic inspections by our experts.

We offer spare parts for the machines of third manufacturers (LMC, CPM Wolverine Proctor): e.g. cleaning machines, dryers, roasters, etc. Our spare parts guarantee the same duration as original as minimum. Mostly it has better parameters thank to long term experience of our staff and sophisticated engineering.


While every product and process has specific requirements, C.I.H. Breda

has found that the SAGE model is almost always the correct sequence.

While each additional processing step does add cost, when properly designed and installed, each step in the SAGE process also maximizes the purity of your product and the efficiency of your processing operation.

Sizing, with a perforated screening machine or similar operation, is the first and most economical method of product separation.

It’s followed by Aspiration, where products are separated in a column of air which sorts materials based on their aerodynamic profiles.

Gravity separation comes next. Products are introduced into fluidized bed separators and are separated by their specific gravity or density. Differences in density are often a result of product quality classifications. Gravity separation also removes foreign material.

Electronics are the final mechanical sort of your product prior to visual inspection and packaging. Proper sorting and conditioning of your product before this stage optimizes the efficiency of your electronic sorting and reduces good product loss.