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C.I.H. Breda is committed to delivering systems and equipment that helps tree nut processors achieve maximum processing capacity and efficiency for their dollar. Our machines are designed specifically to maximize processing speed along with separation effectiveness. What makes C.I.H. Breda unique is the staff of tree nut specialists that can design, build, deliver, and install an entire tree nut processing operation.

C.I.H. Breda offers the following equipment specifically designed and engineered for tree nut processing.

  1. Sizing Shakers
    Used for scalping (sticks and hulls) and sifting (fines such as dirt and meal); also used for sizing operations.

  2. Stoners
    Used for removal of large stones, dirt clods, and glass in the precleaning stages and precision small stone removal in finishing circuits.

  3. Prehullers
    Used to remove loose hull in the precleaning stages to increase capacity and storage space in following stages.

  4. Roll Feeders
    Used to regulate flows and evenly distribute product flow across processing equipment.

  5. Vibratory Feeders
    Used to evenly distribute product flow across processing equipment.

  6. Hard Shell Crackers
    Used to create hairline fractures in hard shells for easier meat removal.

  7. Shear Rolls
    Used to separate hulls and shells from meats with a shearing force.

  8. Aspirators
    Used to separate lights (shells and hulls) from heavies (inhull, inshell, and meats) based on aerodynamic profile.

  9. Elevators
    Used to gently elevate products.

  10. Vibratory Conveyors
    Used to gently convey products.

  11. Gravity Separators
    Used to separate lights from heavies based on density

  12. Accumulators
    Used in the meat circuit with the gravity separators to provide more precise density separation and increase plant capacity.

  13. Brining Systems
    Used to brine (water-salt solution) the product before roasting.

  14. Nut Roasters
    Used to dry or roast products.



We cater to processors of walnuts, almonds, pistachios, pecans, hazelnuts, and chestnuts. With this large range of tree nut customers, we have made contact points all across the world.

C.I.H. Breda’s tree nut team recognizes that tree nut processing and separation equipment is a long-term investment. We have provided after-sale support and service to our customers for over 30 years. Our teams will stand by your processing equipment for as long as you own it. We invite you to contact us so we can demonstrate what sets LMC above the rest.